Runyon Canyon Apparel

Runyon Canyon Apparel

Our Mission

Runyon Canyon Apparel lets you express your commitment to outdoor fitness and American Made quality.

Inspired by the Urban Wilderness of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles we’re dedicated to dressing your inner wild.

Our Brand

Our brand is a symbol of the American outdoors represented by an animal running wild and free.

We are an American outdoor wear company that’s committed to restoring authenticity by providing clothing that’s only Made In The USA.

Instead of shopping the globe for the cheapest price we value and celebrate American manufacturing.

We started this company as the outdoor brand of Los Angeles inspired by the urban wilderness of Runyon Canyon where people from all walks of life blend with celebrities, fitness, animals, art, fashion and the outdoors.

Although inspired by Runyon Canyon, our American outdoor clothes are made to rock any trail around the world.

Whether you’re a hiker, runner, fitness fanatic, yogi or dog we believe everyone is entitled to feel fit and sexy.

We uphold the peace & love mantra that exists in Runyon Canyon and are committed to helping great causes like protecting the wildlife in LA.

Thank you for supporting local business and for rockin’ Runyon Canyon Apparel!

Have an awesome day!