Donation made to Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing to Save LA Cougars!

Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing

Thanks everyone that purchased Runyon gear this year. We are happy to announce a One Wild Buck donation to Save LA Cougars, an effort by the National Wildlife Federation to save wildlife in the Los Angeles area.

SaveLACougars is working to build the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing to help our little furry friends like Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Deer and even those cute little annoying squirrels to cross the 8 lane spread of the 101 Freeway.

You know they never stood a chance….you should try it for yourself!

Donating to this cause is considered “An Investment in the Future of Urban Wildlife — for the Los Angeles Area and the World.”

Over the years too many Mountain Lions, Bobcats and other critters have been struck by motorists. These majestic animals are very important to protect in an urban sprawling place like Los Angeles. We must protect the wild before it goes extinct.

The Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing Project will:

  • Save a population of mountain lions from extinction.
  • Reconnect an entire ecosystem for all wildlife.
  • Set a worldwide model for urban wildlife conservation.
  • Create a conservation legacy for the next century.
  • Be the LARGEST Wildlife Crossing in the world

Making a donation will fund:

  • Mountain Lion & Wildlife Research
  • Cross engineering, design and construction
  • Conservation Education Outreach & Communal Engagement
  • Crossing Habitat Maintenance

SaveLACougars has raised more than $72 Million of their goal of $85 Million. Looks like construction will begin soon.

Thanks for helping us help this great cause. To make a direct charitable contribution, visit SaveLACougars and tell P-22 we sent ya!

We love National Wildlife Federation and the great work they do to build awareness for various wildlife causes in Los Angeles.

About One Wild Buck

The One Wild Buck initiative was launched on giving Tuesday November 2020 where $1 of every sale from apparel at Runyon Canyon Apparel goes to a fund to donate to various charitable causes doing great work locally and nationally.

This year we’ve helped SaveLACougars and our friends at Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife.

Thank you for your support and for rockin Runyon gear out in the wild.

Happy Trails!

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